Opportunity List Help Page

Use the following instructions to view and inquire about job opportunities presented on the Six Degrees Opportunity List pages. Close this page or tab to return to the Opportunity List.

Opportunity List (See Illustration Below)

The Opportunity List displays a list of job openings, from the Six Degrees job database, that are available for Six Degrees candidates to inquire for more information or to apply to.

  1. Opportunity List Body - View opportunity information in the body of each list. Each opportunity list is sorted by the week of their entry into the Six Degrees database. List information includes Opportunity ID, Job Title, Job City and State, Date Added to the Six Degrees database and may contain other information such as compensation.
  2. Opportunity List Search - If you would like to narrow your search by Job Title, City or other information enter the keywords into the "Search Entries" field and press the Apply button. Filtered results will display in the List Body.
  3. Opportunity ID - The Opportunity ID is an important number to note if you interested in receiving more information or apply to a specific Job Opportunity. Please send the Opportunity ID by email to info@sixdeg.com or through the Comment / Inquiries form (see below), along with your personal information and a Six Degrees representative will provide you with more information and/or submittal requirements.
  4. Scroll Bar - Use the scroll bar at any time to view additional jobs in the Opportunity List. Often lists can be lengthy and will require scrolling or filtering by using the Opportunity List Search for best results and ease of use.

Comment / Inquiries Form (See Illustration Below)

The Comment / Inquiries From provides an easy to use web form to inquire about specific jobs listed in the Opportunity List.

  1. Email Field (Required) - A valid email is required in order for Six Degrees representatives to respond to your request for more information about a specific job opportunity. Including your name and phone number will also help us expedite your request.
  2. Comment Field (Required) - Include the Opportunity ID(s) in this field to receive information about respective positions. Inquiries without IDs included will not be able to be processed by Six Degrees representatives.
  3. "Submit Form" Button - Once the required fields have been completed press the "Submit Form" button to send your request to Six Degrees.

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