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Diversity Makes a Difference

Six Degrees Staffing, Inc., a woman-owned and operated business, understands the importance of diversity in running a well rounded, balanced and adaptable organization. Since the inception of our business we have employed a recruiting team whose majority are either minorities' or women. Our philosophy is that respect for individuals of all types will inspire loyalty in both employees and customers and deliver the best, most diverse, candidates available to clients and vice versa. Six Degrees Staffing is committed to reaching out to all parts of employment and recruitment markets in order to be as inclusive as possible.

Through this commitment, Six Degrees Staffing foster an inclusive, supportive, open, challenging and innovative work environment to enable our recruitment team to be positive, creative and reach their full potential. As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion throughout our organization, we pursue the following initiatives:

  • A sustained effort to recruit a diverse group of team members who thrive in our Company’s culture and environment.
  • Continuous improvement in the diversity of those holding leadership positions internally and in the candidates we recruit.
  • Emphasis on Six Degrees policy that encourages reporting of any discrimination or harassment based on sex, race, national origin, or any other protected status.
  • Support of our clients diversity initiatives through the recruiting of a diverse temporary workforce as well as the development of Women and Minority Business Enterprise (WMBE) partners.
  • Participation in diversity and inclusion initiatives inside and outside of our Company.
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